Bedlinskyj Oleksij Ivanovych Бедлінський Олексій Іванович


In the process of evolutionary development of animal psyche flickers of consciousness in forms of surmise appear. At a certain stage of evolution of humans these surmises are fixed in language, which causes formation of nets of nerve connections, which do not coincide with nets of non-speech psychological reflections. In the process of its development language turns into system of signs and begins to develop according to its own laws, which are supposedly connected to laws of development of consciousness. Along with language, the next generation transmits the experience not only of surmise but a system of flickers of conscience. In the process of learning a native language a child has singular flickers of consciousness accumulated by humanity, which join in constant streams of consciousness. Regulation of consciousness is realized by means of psychological and speech reflex replications, each of those separately may be available to consciousness only as singular flickers, but combined they can deliberately regulate streams of psychological reflections according to demands of actively purposeful actions, provide a possibility to understand being. Mechanism of regulation is retention of one of the streams (psychological or speech reflex) in the sphere of consciousness due to variability of the other, in the context of establishing identity of stable and variable.

Key words: guess, image, perven’, psyche, reflex, consciousness.

Accepted: 02.06.2017

Reviewed: 02.20.2017

Published: 03.24.2017

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