Tikhierino-Khalturina Diana Mariya Тіхєріно-Халтуріна Діана Марія, Vlasova-Chmeruk Oksana Mykolaivna Власова-Чмерук Оксана Миколаївна


The article is devoted to the problem of competitiveness of the person. Different approaches to the definition of «competitiveness» have analyzed. Competitiveness is understood as a willingness to join the competitive fight in order to satisfy their needs. It is expressed in the frequency of participation and degree of involvement in the competition. Competitiveness is characterized by varying degrees of severity in different individuals. Because most competitive situations are in sport research competition of young athletes is grounded. To date, the question of psychological preparedness athlete to competitive activities is the most studied area in sport psychology, but the issue of competitiveness remains unexplored.

As a diagnostic apparatus were used methods “Behavioral activity type Jenkins” (adaptated by Wasserman L.I., NV Gumenyuk), “Scale of highly settings” R. Rikman’s, Hawitt-Flat’s “Multidimensional scale of perfectionism”, V. Romek’s test “Self-confidence”, test “Motivation to succeed” S.A. Pakulina, Cattell’s “16 Personality factors test”.                                                                                                As a result of empirical research, by means of regression analysis, it was found that the personal determinants of competitiveness of athletes are self-sufficiency personal perfectionism (focused on ourselves, focused on others), emotional stability, discretion, dominance, social courage.

Keywords: competition, competitiveness, athletes, personal qualities, perfectionism, emotional stability, A-type behavior.

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