Tyshchenko Svitlana Pavlivna Тищенко Світлана Павлівна


The article highlights the phenomenon of calling of a gifted person on early stages of her or his development. It is discovered that calling as an affirmation (установка) of the unconscious area causes emotionally colored predilection of children toward self-fulfillment of their giftedness in naturally corresponding areas of activity.

The literature review shows, that the problem of calling has been studied insufficiently, especially concerning the period of preschool age childhood and early adolescent period. The children of this age-period are characterized by a spontaneous search of the subject of calling, the display of intuitive perception of each other as minion of fortune, who in the future have to perform some activity. For example: “Nobody has ever suggested that I should deal with Philosophy, it arose by itself” (M.O. Berdiaiev). “From the very beginning I had a feeling of my mission, as if my life was predetermined by fortune...”(K.-H.Yung). At the same time children carefully hide their creative plans from adults. In the process of investigation the information mentioned above specifies the methodological suitability and effectiveness of usage of reflective potential concerning recollections of famous personalities – men of science and art, who described in the autobiographies own thoughts and feelings of a childhood period, connected with own calling awakening, that manifested their potential giftedness.

The main direction of started by us research is the discovery of peculiarities of manifestations regarding self-produced emotionally colored activeness by talented children in the process of spontaneous search of their own calling as well as the retrospective analysis concerning affectively rich behavioral performance in the situations under investigation regarding “meeting” their calling with the appropriate activity connected with their own giftedness.

The research has determined the functions of calling, which show its manifestations, such as: affective-orientational function of “direction” of a growing personality to the subject, that corresponds to the nature of her talent; inductive-operational, which stimulates the process of acquirement of a type of related activity as H.S.Skovoroda mentioned; genetic-representational function of calling, proved by the archetypical experience of a growing personality, whose evidence of activity is emotionally colored information of the unconscious area toward creative model of the own future of talented children.

On the basis of the received experimental data the conceptual rehabilitation of term “mission” (предназначение) has been accomplished. For centuries this term had been used to determine the notion “calling”, but during the soviet period it was declared out of date, afterwards the corresponding note emerged in some definition dictionaries.

Keywords: vocation, vocation functions, setting, interpretation of autonaratives, reflective analysis, emotional experience, disposition, area unconsciousness, memoirs of childhood, potential gift.

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