Kryvokon Nataliya Ivanivna Кривоконь Наталія Іванівна


The article presents a brief analysis of approaches to understanding the concept of "psychological problems" in terms of social work. Sources, components and features of the psychological problems of people receiving psychosocial services and assistance are defined based on a review of various theoretical positions. A list of the main groups of psychological problems inherent in social work clients is presented.

The importance of reflection, a person experiences in life's problems as a driving force for the development of the individual and the formation of its viability is emphasized. There is an idea about the effectiveness and impact of social services (and, in hence, the solution of social problems) highly depends on the customer relations with his own situations and problems, the level of his consciousness, the depth of the impact on the individual and his life perspective. It is important for expert in social work to understand the cognitive and emotional components of human experiences in their problems, because this is often the cause of certain behavioural disorders.

It is concluded that social workers providing social services at the individual level must not just fix the mental and emotional condition of client, consider its relations with the immediate environment, understand the features of its self-perception, physiological age, individually-typological features abilities, interests, but also promote the development of the individual, his reflection, perception and a positive attitude to change, i.e. empowerment.

Keywords. Psychological problem, psychosocial work, the client of social work.

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