Ivanova Olena Volodymerivna Іванова Олена Володимирівна, Suvorova Tetyana Oleksandrivna Суворова Тетяна Олександрівна


The article is devoted the comprehension of technological processes at creation on-line - trainings which bring in the new forms of dialog and intercourse in socium and all its spheres, including education. The article analyzes the technological platform for the implementation of distance learning programs on the Internet that are provided in common use. On the basis of the conducted analysis a conclusion is done, that is needed in order that the controlled from distance courses were realized up-to-the-mark, about what must be taken into account parameters to the authors for creation of on-line-trainings and controlled from distance courses, what main dignity of new model - openness to the dialogue, communication and the ability to self-organization.

Keywords: on-line-course, controlled from distance format of teaching, structure of course, multimedia materials, format, usability site, problem.

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