Eremenko Tatiana Borysovna Єременко Тетяна Борисівна


The article is devoted to features of describing of aggressive patterns persons of youthful age with psychosomatic disorders and for its absence. It was defined urgency of the problem of aggression and destruction which is based on a selected group of respondents. It was demonstrated the results of empirical research of personality characteristics of   two groups of adolescents for the data of the «House-Tree-Man» Techniques. It was made an analysis of drawings of selected groups of respondents. It was determined the features of describe of picturesque elements in the experimental group (persons with diseases of bronchopulmonary and gastrointestinal system), as well as a comparison group. It was found the feature of describe the objects of somatic fixing of specific emotional problems. It was identified the trends of using the black color by respondents of the experimental group as the main color of describing the contours and (or) of sketches of separate details of clothing or parts of the human figure. It was analyzed the figures of people that allows to define objects of somatic fixing of certain emotional problems. It was confirmed the declared assumptions about the complications in interpersonal relationships, distortion in self-image, depressed mood, oppression, anxiety, tension, lack of a sense of security and needs for support, as well as it was objectivized the tendencies to self-aggression, acting out aggression through the mechanism of somatization with the direction of the destructive pulses at certain system or target organs.

Keywords: aggressive patterns, the House-Tree-Person Technique, psychosomatic disorders, adolescence, somatization.

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